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Hi ladies!  Sorry I've been MIA lately.  I'm a jerk and forgot to write down that email address that someone gave in order to get the Pittsburgh welcome bags.

Its funny that OOT boxes were one of the first things I worked on when I got engaged, and now its one of the last things to get finished.  lol.  Anyway- 11 days till my wedding!!!!!!!!!

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    I'm no help with the email, but yay for 11 days- I can't believe you're so close! I've been wondering how you are- I hope things have all come together and that you're not too stressed!
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    Hmm, was this the person that Nunu got her stuff from or someone else?  I swear I bookmarked that post and I can't find it now either.

    11 days!!!  How excited are you?!  What other stuff are you still working on?

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    haha- working on a ton of stuff!  I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed, just with the little things that don't really need to get done, but I'm stressing out about anyway.  lol.

    But I'm also getting very excited!  I'll try to be on more next week, this week is super super busy for me. 
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    Wow 11 days?!  I can't beleive it!  Are you feeling stressed at all?  You're almost in the single digits, exciting!
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