Last Minute Dress Alterations?

Anyone had any luck finding someone to do last minute dress alterations? I had my dress altered to my body all the way back in August. I have it at Clarissa's to have steamed but stepped on the scale today and have gone up 5lbs! Ugh. I'm really hoping it's muscle weight from weight training but if it's not, I'm screwed. Unfortunately, Clarissa's is booked up for alterations. Any ideas? My wedding is in two weeks.
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Re: Last Minute Dress Alterations?

  • have you tried on the dress/are you sure it doesnt fit?

    With 2 weeks to go, I'd recommend spanx.shapewear and not dress changes.
  • Flower - Try on the dress. In my honest, personal (and medical) opinion, I really don't think 5 lbs will make the dress fit any different. Deep breaths!
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  • Thanks for the encouragement ladies! I tried it on today and it still fits perfectly despite being fitted last August down in Texas (since I bought it down there with my family). I was just so freaked out since I decided to ban the scale at home a few months ago but had been doing MyFitnessPal and circuit resistance training 3 times a week. So, when I stepped on the scale at the gym and saw my weight up 5lbs I panicked!
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