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Getting Married in Santorini, Greece

Hi!!! I am hoping to hear from other brides who have gotten married in Greece, preferably Santorini!  We plan on getting married the first week of September 2015.  I know it's a long way away but I'm already worried about finding someone for photography, hair, makeup, etc!  We plan on getting married at Dana Villas and are looking into working with Divine Weddings.  I was thinking of going with a coral white and green color palate.  Also have heard that getting married at sunset is the perfect time but the best pictures I've seen have been during the day with the bright blue sky.  

Any thoughts, shared experiences, or recommendations would be appreciated! 

Re: Getting Married in Santorini, Greece

  • I was not married in Greece, but wanted to address the picture thing. I got married on an island in Australia, so similar type of setting. The best lighting was the few minutes just before sunset and just after. Our photographer scrambled to get as many shots as she could during that time. I can truly see the difference knowing which pictures were taken then as opposed to the brighter sun. So. if at all possible, have your ceremony about an hour before sunset and then take a ton of pictures around the property right afterwards!


  • I second the sunset idea, if for no other reason than the fact that Santorini was built for sunsets.

    I have a friend who was married there, but she eloped. I don't think she would know the first thing about a full-scale wedding, but if you have any specific questions I'm happy to ask her!
  • I have not gotten married in Santorini but I have been there and it's stunning. It's known for its famous blue and white buildings so I'm not sure I'd go with coral and green- I'd probably try to stay in the blues palatte to go with the scenery. Does this Villa have a spot for the sunset pictures? Because there is one partiular spot a the very tip top of Oia that is famous for the sunsets and everyone flocks there to see it- keep in mind this would be a horrible spot for you because it's literally a very smll area jam packed with tourists up to one hour before he sunset. You would never be able to get a shot of just the 2 of you with no one around. My hotel had a private balcony on the cliffside which was amazing for breakfast but it faced the opposite side of the sunset so that was useless.

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