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Lose motivation with planning?

Has anyone else had the problem of losing motivation with wedding planning?  I am about 6 months out from my DW.  Invitations are out, dress is bought, I started OOT bags, I started with bouquets... and now I can't seem to find any more wedding motivation.  I did boarding pass invites that I sent out about 10 months before wedding, so at least that is done.  I had planned to do passport info books to send out probably in early Feb. that contains additional trip info along with final RSVP, since I need to have final guest list submitted beginning of April.  I started on these, bought all my supplied, and even have design mostly laid out, so additional work should be minimal, but I can't seem to find the interest to finish them up. I also designed a custom 2014 calendar, which has photos from trip locations, along with important dates and reminders, such as final payment date for trip and reminder to print boarding passes, etc.  It's all designed... I just need to print, put together & mail out.  I also started putting together folders with maps to wedding location, hotel accommodation info, ship boarding info, etc. that I plan to send out a month or so before wedding. I was debating making silk bouquets or paper rose bouquets.  I've played with both options, now I'm debating just getting some blue ribbon and blue floral gem pins to put into the white rose bouquet included in the wedding package.  I also was custom painting OOT bags... I've got them about 2/3 done and have most of the items to put in them.  I haven't even made hotel reservations yet and can't seem to force myself to even get that done (I've narrowed it down to 2 options at least).

Maybe I took on too much or something, but lately I just have no interest or motivation to do any wedding planning or anything wedding related at all.  I know that I tend to get really hyped and into a project, but if I don't finish quickly, my dedication fizzles out like this, so it isn't unusual.  I even figured that I'd do this, so I tried to do as much as possible while I had the motivation. I know that I have to at least do something to send out Jan.-Feb., so I can get RSVP & guest info.  And I need to make sure to send everyone the boarding info & directions, preferably shortly before the trip.  So, I can probably cut back and abandon some of it.  But, I was just wondering if anyone else has had this happen and how they managed to get back into it? 


Re: Lose motivation with planning?

  • Yeah I am the same way, where I get really excited about something when I start planning and then it fizzles and I get bored haha I guess I have a small attention span. For me I didn't have too much planning because I left most of it in the hands of a wedding planner/coordinator and mine is so tiny and we aren't really doing a regular reception we just booked tickets to this big for me it was ok to fizzle out for a while because there wasn't a lot I had to get done haha but once it started getting closer the motivation comes back in full swing! So I am sure you will get it back!!
  • We are doing a cruise wedding so most of the vital items are supplied by the cruise line.  So, really, even if I don't do anything else, we could show up and get married.  And there would be flowers, cake, music... everything.  It just wouldn't be personalized.  Although, making sure my guests have the info is important, even if it's just plain. And I do need to make sure I get all the required guest info for the cruise line.  Everything else really is optional and it could still be a beautiful wedding.  The problem is, that when I'm unmotivated, I keep telling myself that its all optional anyway.  But, I do typical get motivated when approaching deadlines, so hopefully I'll get that drive back when I need it.


  • Well I don't think you should worry too much then!! I'm sure once it gets closer you'll start getting super excited about all the details :) 
  • We have also hit that awkward stage where invites are out and we just need final numbers to progress with planning and actually buy things for the wedding. Im just kicking back and enjoying the holiday season.

    We have our pre wedding party in January so im sure the motivation and excitement will kick back in around then.

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  • I totally went through this. Our wedding was also a package so aside from additional decor items / attire / gifts and activities for guests outside the actual wedding we didn't have to plan a ton. That seemed to make it even harder to keep going with the other smaller details - I just couldn't make myself do it!! I would pin a bunch of stuff or bookmark pages online for inspiration for things and would never do anything with it. Eventually it got closer and I kind of got into a "oh shoot! the wedding is almost here!" mode and cranked everything else out. I would just enjoy this down time for now!
  • I at least started most of my desired projects when I was motivated and have them all 1/2 done.  I tried to do as much as possible as early as possible so I didn't get overloaded with it right before wedding.  So, if/when I do get motivated again, hopefully it won't be too bad.  And all the planning and design work is done on them, which is always the most time consuming part.


  • I'd say enjoy the down time :) Sometimes being overwhelmed with so many projects will put me in a total state of paralysis, so I just tried to make small lists of things to accomplish every week and anything else that happened would be totally bonus. This approach helped me keep perspective on what was *actually* time sensitive and also kept me from getting too stressed. And in the end, everything that I wanted to get done actually got done!

    I will say one nice thing about having a forces you to have everything done before you leave so by the time you arrive at your wedding location, all that's left to do is to execute :) It was the GREATEST feeling to not be running around doing last minute stuff...we were able to focus on being with our guests and soaking in the experiences and really connecting with each other too.
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