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Hey Girls - 
I'm down to the wire… 11 more days.  And i've seen some girls posting about asking guests to capture pics & post them.  I've seen some people using a Facebook group, some using Instagram, and some using Instagram + a backend tool to capture the Instagram pictures for you into a photo repository. 

Has anyone done the photo repository thing?  I'm wondering how easy it is to setup?
Are there any other ideas out there?


Re: Instagram or other

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    I've heard good things about WedPics. It's free and all your guests have to do is download the app.

    Another option is to create a hashtag and ask people to use it when they post on Instagram (put it on your website, signs at the reception, etc.). You'll be able to search for the hashtag and find all the pics. Walgreens has a cool function on their app that lets you order Instagram pictures (they are printed out as they look on the app -- as squares -- looks cool!). I'm assuming you could use it to print photos other than ones you've taken (?).
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    We used WedPics and had a pretty good experience with it, especially since it's free.
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    If you want to approve the photos before they hit social media, I would use WedPics (it's free and got really good reviews when I researched the different photo capture album options).  

    I already signed up for WedPics (a little prematurely maybe since wedding is May 3, but oh-well) so it's nice to hear positive reviews @alice917 and @emmyg65

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