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Reception timelines

Hey everyone!  Been a little quiet here - I'm assuming the holidays has got everyone thinking things  other than wedding.  It is understandable!
I was wondering if people had their timeline for the receptions thought out.  I'm trying to work in speeches in the best way possible.  How are you guys doing it?  I was thinking, since I am having a lunch, that during the main part I will have the Best Man and MOH speeches.  Before dessert (I'm having a separate light dessert and cake later), my parents will give their speech, then when dessert is served, the groom's parents will give a speech.  I'm curious to see other pairings.  Are you doing a parent's speech before the meal?  I'm worried that my guests will just be antsy to start eating, and I would rather they start eating first without having to wait for a speech. 

Re: Reception timelines

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    Here is what we are doing for the reception for now (it might get tweaked a bit). We are having an 11:00 ceremony followed by a cocktail hour.

    12:30 Guests be seated

    12:35 Announce the Bride Groom and Bridal Party

    12:40 First Dance

    12:45 Parent dances (combined)

    12:50 Cake Cutting 

    12:55 Grace

    1:00 Lunch (plated)

    1:20 Toasts

    1:50 Serve Cake

    2:00 Open the dance floor

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    Here is mine that my DJ and wedding coordinator helped me come up with. The ceremony starts at 11:30 and should end around 12:00. Everyone will get drinks at the bar while the ceremony room is flipped to a reception by the staff (while the wedding party does pictures). We decided to let our guests get there food and eat while we do our intros and dances.

    12:30 - Buffett opens
    12:45 - Bride & Groom Introductions
    12:50 - First Dance
    12:55 - Father/daughter dance
    12:58 - Mother/Son Dance
    1:00 - Open Dance Floor
    1:25 - Toasts (FOB, MOH, Best Man)
    1:35 - Cake Cutting
    1:40 - Open Dance Floor
    2:15 - Bouquet Toss
    2:17 - Garter Toss
    2:45 - Last Dance
    2:55 - Departure
    3:00 - Reception Over

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    Wow, we're all having morning ceremonies!  What do you guys think about how you are doing pictures in between the ceremony and reception?  My ceremony should end at 11:40, and I'm hoping to really start lunch at 1:30, but so many people have told me that this will not leave enough time for pictures.  We are doing pictures at the church, then at a park across the street from the church (in winter, I know, I'm crazy), and the reception is also at the church.  Isn't almost two hours plenty of time?  Are you guys doing pictures before the ceremony?  With a morning ceremony like we all have, that doesn't leave a lot of time, unless we wake up ridiculously early. 

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    I am doing some before the ceremony, some after the ceremony, and some after the reception. 

    Before the ceremony, I am doing some with my BMs and some with my parents. The guys will also be doing some together as well (after I hide away). I am starting my hair and makeup at 7am (getting both done at a salon). The salon is only 2 minutes from the venue, so I plan to be in my dress ready for pictures at 9am. 

    After the ceremony is the group shots. Family, bridal party, etc.

    After the reception, me and my FI (or then it will be husband!) are going to go in the limo down the street to a park (its gonna be so cold!) and meet our photographers there. Since the reception will be done by 3, it will still be light and we are going to do pictures of just the two of us. 

    I am hoping it all works out. It is a tight schedule, but I am trying to get the most out of the 7 hours I have my photographers.
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    We are doing a first look at 9:00 am (again, 11:00 ceremony) followed by immediate family/bridal party pictures around 9:30-9:45.  We will stop doing pictures at 10:15 and go into hiding so the guests don't see us.

    So that is 1 hour 15 minutes of pictures before the ceremony and then roughly an hour after the ceremony to do some extended family pictures and some pictures of us with our rings on.  

    I'm not a huge fan of group shots so with just over 2 hours I can't imagine needing more time, but we don't have huge families.  We also have two photographers so we may split up into groups to do my side/his side for family shots.  Our bridal party consists of my sister and his best friend so there aren't a lot of bridal party pictures needed.
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    This is a great help, you two!  I'm also doing some shots before the ceremony, so in between will be mostly family shots and group bridal party shots (the girls are already at my house before the ceremony, so might as well get girl shots then).  I hadn't even thought of doing shots after the reception, @katietriv102491.  I also only have my photographer for 8 hours, so I was thinking 9-5. 

    @AprilH81 - I was also thinking of making use of having two photographers to split off a bit.  I do have a big family, but they are pretty orderly, so I hope pictures won't take longer than 20 minutes for the family.

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    The two photographers would be more helpful for pictures before the ceremony (especially if you are not doing a first look) because one photographer can be with each of you to get you with your parents/siblings/bridal party/etc. before the "joint" pictures of both of you with each set of parents, etc.

    The second photographer could also help gather/set up the next set of family so you guys just have to jump in at the last minute.

    And speaking from someone who has had to wait around FOREVER for one picture...  Make sure your family knows who needs to stick around for pictures after the ceremony.  Then try to start with the large groups and sent people on to the cocktail hour until it is just the two of you for the last few shots.
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