How cold is too cold?

I REALLY want to have an outdoor ceremony. My wedding is the last weekend in  March and the average temperature for the day that im looking at is around 60-65 degrees. Too cold? 

Re: How cold is too cold?

  • I don't think that is too cold, but in Georgia you never really know. It could be a really cold day with wind or rain, or it could be a warm day with great sun. It is a risk, but it might be fine.
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  • Maybe consider this - it may sound chilly, but coming out of 20-50 degree temps, it would feel nice and warm :) just like when it cools down after summer it feels very cold, even when it's the same (60's).

    (or at least to me. lol)
  • I'm doing March 20 with an outdoor ceremony. At 60F, there are plenty of cute sweaters and shawls if people are chilly. Plus, lots of cute, white wraps for the bride - from furry to lace. However, if it's sunny, it'll be comfy warm. We'll have the reception inside since the dark will make it feel chillier. Plus, his family is all from Chicago area, so they'll think it's positively tropical for that time of year!
    Just like any ceremony, be sure to have a backup plan.
    Good luck!
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