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How Cold is too cold?

I posted in my local board, but we dont get much traffic over there so I thought I would ask here. I live in GA. I am having my wedding the last week of March. I really want an outdoor ceremony. The average high for that time of year is about 65 degrees. Too cold for an outdoor ceremony? I was thinking about doing a hot chocolate bar or having blankets for people if they are cold. 

Re: How Cold is too cold?

  • 65 degrees is warm enough for FH (he prefers cooler temp) and cool enough for me that I might wear a jacket.  I'm in New England, so I think 65 is fine.

    That is assuming that it is not raining or windy (that would make the "feel like" temp worse.).
    And that you don't have a super long ceremony.  I think a hot chocolate bar would be great! 

  • doeydodoeydo Southwestern Ontario member
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    It would be a little cool for me, but I would probably be wearing a jacket and gloves, and the hot chocolate would be awesome.  
  • Sixty-five degrees doesn't sound too cold to have an outdoor ceremony, but it's all relative. Sixty-five and sunny feels much different than 65 and cloudy with wind! 

    I think as long as you inform your guests that the ceremony will be outdoors, whether pending, so they can dress for the elements, you'll be fine. 
  • Personally, if I were a guest, I would feel very cold and uncomfortable, especially in my fancy dress attire. However, this all depends on your guests. If you know a lot of them do not mind the cold, go for it. And absolutely mention that the ceremony will be outdoors so people can prepare. The hot chocolate bar is a nice touch, too!

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  • I'm from the north, so 65 sounds lovely to me. Southerners may find this a bit cool, though. My wedding day wasiI the high 60s and some of our southern guests were pretty chilly by the end of cocktail hour.
  • If it ends up being a nice, 65 degree day I think you're fine as long as you're very clear that the wedding will take place outdoors. People can dress themselves appropriately as long as they're informed. 

    But 65 degrees is the average high and weather is unpredictable. I think you need a plan B not just for rain but for temperature AND the "feels like" temperature (like @ElcaB said - sun and wind make a big difference). 

  • Jen4948Jen4948 Houston member
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    If it's sunny and windless, 65 degrees would be fine.  Otherwise, I'd probably want it to be 70 degrees.

    I like that hot chocolate bar suggestion.
  • 65 sounds great to me.  I'm from Alaska, so 55-60 is t-shirt weather.

  • 65 sounds great! With a hot chocolate bar guests should be fine. Plus giving them a heads up that it will be outdoors should allow them to dress appropriately.
  • o.O Compared to the weather I'm going to have for my wedding day (possible snow in upstate NY) I would gladly take your 65 degrees any day! lol 

    I think the only ones that would be uncomfortable are the older folks. That is just my experience when seeing weddings at my work. Those are the ones who complain the most about having to sit outside in the colder weather. 

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