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To-Do Tuesday!

Hi ladies!

What is on the agenda this week both WR and NWR?

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Re: To-Do Tuesday!

  • WR - I'm sure this is a faux pas, but I'm waiting until the end of the week when we take our two-week break for the holidays to send my bosses the wedding invites. I just don't want them to come in the next day and talk to me about it, especially in front of coworkers who are not invited. 

    NWR: Sleep and packing to go to NY. Both completely necessary, both not likely to happen.
  • WR - PACK and get on a plane on Saturday :D:D:D Oh and confirm one last thing with the wedding planner, annnnnnnd decide between two pairs of earrings which ones I am going to wear haha oh and find pictures to show my makeup and hair person

    NWR - clean the apartment so that the people watching my cat while I am away don't know how messy I am lol

  • WR - Take my dress in to start alterations, excited about this! I have a hair appt Thursday to see if I like my friends hair lady here, FI isn't so into me continuing to travel home to my hair girl. 

    NWR - I need to finish my Christmas Shopping. My mom comes in this weekend, and i need to clean house and fold the giant pile of clean laundry. 
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