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XP: Want to incorporate this song...

I absolutely love this song and every time I hear it, I think of my mom.

How can I incorporate this into the wedding or as a surprise for her? The only thing I can think of is doing what she did in the video with the album except to write the lyrics on the pages and have pictures line up. Example: "I think I found the answer to your prayers" would be a picture of FI and I but I am just worried that it might be too easy for it to turn into a photo album of FI and I and less of my mom and I...


Re: XP: Want to incorporate this song...

  • @elBecko

    No, we can not use non-religious music before or during the ceremony at all.

    I might be able to use it for when she walks in but then I would have to find a part I like the most lol.

    That might work.

  • elBecko said:
    Yeah, I wanted to ask because we also can't use non-religious music in the sanctuary.


    It sucks because I would love to use some non-religious songs that are just as beautiful as some religious songs but oh well. I guess I can't complain too much since we are not being charged anything to use the church.

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