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Ceremony/Reception Invite Etiquette

My fiance and I both have massive families which put us at our limit as far as reception capacity goes, but we still wanted families from our church as well as co-workers to attend our wedding. Is it totally classless to give guests invitations to the ceremony only, despite the fact that they know there is a private reception being held afterward? And how is it best way to let confused guests know their invite is only to the ceremony if they assume they're attending the reception?

Re: Ceremony/Reception Invite Etiquette

  • I would indicate that the recpetion is an intimate setting, apologize for not being able to accomodate but would still like to share this special day with them. And invite them to the ceremony. Anyone who has had a wedding will understand.
  • You shouldn't invite people who are not invoted to the reception. You only invite those who you can host. You can put an announcement in the church newsletter if there's something like that.
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