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Parasol or no parasol?

edited December 2013 in Florida-South Florida
I need honest advice. I know it is "my wedding", but I need to know if I can do parasols with this theme and style without it looking too "asian or country southern"

My colors are pink, dark grey, and white.
Theme: Our love story
Style: A little vintage, a little modern.
Ceremony: Outside in a courtyard in February, south florida
-There is nothing else in my theme with umbrellas. I would like to do this as the alternative to bouquets. I am okay with having or not having them. But I wanted to be a little different.-

This is their dress:


Thanks for your suggestions.

Re: Parasol or no parasol?

  • Can't say I love parasols, but I was around for the first time they were popular in the 70s.  That said, it can be a very feminine look if carried off well and it would be a little different.
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