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Favorite Friday!

Happy Friday everyone---and best of luck to any brides we have getting married this weekend or traveling to their destinations :)

Here's where we list our favorite WR and NWR things from the past week.

Re: Favorite Friday!

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    WR--Getting a copy of our marriage license in the mail--it's official! Listening to my "wedding dinner" Spotify playlist in my office--the music makes me so happy and stirs up very specific memories and emotions from that evening. Also, as crazy as this may sound--unpacking and using some of our new gifts (notably our plates and silverware)--the items feel so "fancy" and it's such an upgrade from our post-college stuff (mind you, we're 34 and 32 so we were "due" for an upgrade but

    NWR--Drinking some really good, quasi-exotic coffee this week. I'm not much for cream or sweetener anyway (unless it's iced coffee) but when you can drink the coffee black and actually discern the different "notes", you know it's good stuff. I feel like such a snob saying that but it's kind of like good stuff (and it comes at all price points) is too short not to enjoy!
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    WR - I received my dress in the mail, my MOH had it out of state and mailed it to me since I won't see her again until the wedding. I'm going for my first alterations fitting tomorrow with my other bridesmaid. 

    NWR - My mom comes in on Sunday for Christmas, I'm super excited to see her and continue our Christmas Eve Dinner Tradition (and Honey Baked Ham, yum!). 
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