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MOB dress color!?!

So my mother and my future mother in law are having a hard time finding a dress to coordinate with my wedding. My color is David's Bridal malibu. Which they obviously don't want to wear because it will match my bridesmaids. I told them they can wear whatever color they feel comfortable in but they say they're afraid of clashing. Can anyone suggest a color to compliment the malibu I've chosen for my girls and my wedding?

Re: MOB dress color!?!

  • I'm doing Malibu blue and viola purple for my colors. My mothers are either going to do light blue, light purple, plum, dark blue.... those colors would all work for them without clashing. Do you have another color? They of course could always wear black. the groomsmen will be in malibu for my wedding and the bridesmaids are in the viola so it really doesn't matter what mine pick. I definitely recommend suggesting either go darker or go lighter.
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