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Procrastinated losing weight!

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My first dress fitting is January 23rd, and thanks to the holidays and the stress of work I think I weigh more now than I did when I ordered my dress. I called the bridal shop and spoke with the seamstress and asked if I could have just 2 fittings or move the first to Feb. but she said that I need to be at my goal weight by the first dress fitting. She said I really need to be at maintenance now. My wedding is April 19th. I mean it's still 4 months away. She finally said well, some brides lose weight as it gets closer to the wedding, so we can still do alterations but it will cost more.

I realize I have slacked off but I still have time, right? I would like to lose 10 or 15 pounds before my wedding and with ample time to have my dress ready. Is it just me or was she being ridiculous? Anybody else losing weight during fittings?





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Re: Procrastinated losing weight!

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    Oh wow.   I'm not going for my first fitting until February.  I called the salon today and asked then when is the latest I can go for alterations with my wedding being April 4 and they said February.  My dress fits, but I still want to shed a few pounds.

    I would say just start eating right and working out now.

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  • Break it up in chunks. Make your goal 2lbs/wk. This gives you 5 weeks to get to 10 lbs. Start on Thursday (if you celebrate X-mas). Move your fitting back to the last possible day. Usually 6 weeks out. Do you have a corset back dress? This gives a little more flexibility on fittings, as you can adjust the corset on the day off. If you lose the final 5 lbs it shouldn't make a huge difference on the fit, but it really needs to be done by the second fitting. After the final fitting you need to stop losing. Keep an eye on the scale more frequently to make sure it doesn't change by more than a 2-3lbs each day (normal water weight changes).

    This is a pretty fast weight loss pace, so you need to be very dedicated. Do the math on the calories in vs. out, and avoid booze. Weigh yourself more often than you usually would. It keeps you honest, but is not really a good thing to do long term.

  • Thanks for the advice. Here is my schedule of fittings:

    First fitting:  January 23

    Second fitting:  February 22

    Final fitting: not scheduled yet

    Wedding:  April 19

    I tried to get them to move both fittings out, but they swear this is as late as they can do them. It's a very reputable salon. My dress is not a corset back.  Maybe after they see how I fit in the dress for the first fitting they'll be willing to give me a little more time for the 2nd one.

    Another little issue is that I'm running my first half marathon 4 days before my first fitting (Jan. 19), so I can't restrict calories too much because I need energy to run. Although if I track my calories (myfitnesspal), and give up alcohol then I should be okay.

    To all you brides with time don't procrastinate like I did!!


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