Bride Registry Prizes

I received a call today from a lady who said she was representing She said I won two wedding bands, or a trip to the Bahamas, and some food coupons etc. The rings look just like the ones that we were planning on purchasing, so I am attending the demonstration tomorrow. I will let you know how it goes, in case anyone else has their doubts. I guess David's Bridal signs people up for this automatically. ;) I looked at other articles on the Knot, and people have been saying that they did get their promised gifts, so I guess we will see. If anybody is curious, keep watch on this post.

Re: Bride Registry Prizes

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    I'm skeptical so I immediately think this is a scam, but if it's not, congratulations!
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    I'm sorry to disappoint anyone, but I decided not to go. The website says the gift card for the rings is $600, and the majority of the rings are over $300. The taxes and shipping fees are the catch, and their rings are all about $100 too expensive. We decided to go to Zales. We are always getting offers from them, and we can be sure to get exactly what we want, and not have to hope everything works out with the sizing. Zales already has us measured, and they have a much better selection of bands. I am sure that they would have tried to sell us expensive pots and pans, and to be honest, I knew I would not buy them. I guess I chickened out, but probably for the better. I am sure I will get hounded on the phone now for not showing up. ;)
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    Anything like this always screams scam to me.
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