Hair and Make-up in Madison, Wisconsin

I'm looking for a good hair and make-up place in Madison, WI, for our wedding.  I tried one but wasn't exactly thrilled with the make-up (wasn't bad by any means but didn't "wow" me).  Most likely, my bridesmaids will not have their hair and make-up done so traveling a little bit won't be an issue.  Any suggestions?  I've done some research but feel the spots are limited in the City.  Thanks!

Re: Hair and Make-up in Madison, Wisconsin

  • @MeghanG13

    I would suggest looking outside the city a little bit and pay for them to travel to you (as long as it's not a huge travel distance).

    Also, did you bring in a picture of someone's makeup that you liked? If you do that, then who ever is doing your makeup might have a better idea of what you want.
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