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I'm needing some help on how to do the seating charts for my reception. We have roughly 195 people coming, including children, and I'm not sure who to seat with whom. How did any of you decide these things?

Re: Reception Seating Charts

  • Well for us we sat family with family and friends with friends. We didn't really have any family drama like Mom doesn't want to sit with Dad because they are divorced and she hates his new girlfriend or MIL hates her MIL and all relatives on her husbands side, etc, etc.

    So if drama is at a minimum then start with your families and then move onto friends.

    And don't overthink it.  Remember that these people are not quart inked at their table for the night.  They just need a place to sit, with people that they can or could get a long with, for an hour or so to eat their dinner.  After that people generally get up to mingle, dance and what not.

  • I'm doing it right now. as well  Some tables are easy and some are hard, so start with the ones that seem self-explanatory and go from there.  I'm basically doing it based on family, previous relations, and age.  So aunts and uncles are mostly together towards the front of the reception area (because some of them are quite old, so I want them to be able to hear), and younger people will be seated at tables together.  I'm going to mix half and half of my friends with my FIs, because that way there will be able least someone that knows someone else at each table.  And for some tough ones, I'm actually just going to ask them if they have preferences on where to sit.  Not that many tough ones, though. 

  • I think we have our table settings up to 15 people.. The venue has a weird set up. But I don't have many friends coming, so I'm kind of stuck on where to stick the few friends I do have coming. I don't want them to feel awkward.
  • My mom did our side of the family, DH's mom did his side of the family and my DH and I each did our friends.  We had tables ranging from 7-12 people.  It wasn't hard.  And remember, it's only dinner.....your guests are not glued to the table all night.
  • What size are your tables? 15 at a table seems high unless they are long, rectangular ones.
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  • They are long, rectangular tables. They're 12ft by 2.5ft. I'm looking into other tables as well, or splitting up the tables.
  • Well, just as you might invite in circles, I'd seat in circles.  These might be: extended relatives with their family members, co-workers, group members, neighbors, and so on.  The only rules are that couples should not be seated separately, and if children are invited, seat them with their parents.
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