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  • I've seen a lot of people doing the finger print trees. They are a beautiful memento to hang on your wall later. Find easy to remove ink and have wipes on hand though.

  • doeydo said:
    chibiyui said:
    I'd like to do something like this. I don't care for the signed photo mattes personally. I might commision one of my friends to do the tree/whatever we decide on so that way we're not only displaying those who where present at our wedding, but also some art. 
    I do like those type of "guest books", but I have heard some people complain about having ink on their thumbs for the rest of the night and possibly getting it on their clothes and stuff.
    I think the complaints are silly. People can't wash their hands properly? I do think there should be some wipes right on the table and I would thumbprint and sign, regardless of what I was wearing.
  • Sorry for the little bump, but I just found out what I want to do and thought others with smaller groups might enjoy it: Fi and I are big foodies so I am getting a plain wooden cutting board and I'll have people sign it with Sharpies. Later we can hang it on the wall. :)
    That's a really great idea! Are you having anything written or carved into it? Like your name and date or a foodie quote? "People who love to eat are always the best people"

    If we didn't have an idea already, I'd steal yours :)
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    @JMVA2014, I'm thinking of using this one:

    The only issue is that I'm afraid that the marker will bleed due to the wood grain and that the writing won't be crisp or clear anymore. :/
  • We are doing a guest book with out engagement pictures. I have made several "memory" books thru Blurb or Shutterfly, so I enjoy looking  back at them.

    We left space for people to sign in and write a note if they wish.
  • We're doing a globe with pins that say where we got engaged, where our honeymoon is, where we are getting married, and where we've traveled. People can then sign the globe with their well wishes.
  • We also created a photo book from Picaboo (with a Groupon) from our engagement photos, and left room for people to sign.  This way, we have a nice book of our photos and I only had to print one or two of them to frame.

    To those doing the photo books - what are you providing for guests to sign with? I've read that Ultra Fine Sharpies are the best way to go - but any other ideas?

  • I'm into scrapbooking, so we'll have something that goes into the wedding scrapbook... either envelopes glued to a page where people can put in notes to be opened on certain anniversaries, or the photobooth strips (haven't fully decided on whether we're doing the photobooth or not), or some combination of both. 

  • I bought a guestbook on clearance at hobby lobby because its really not that important to me, but then I spotted a large framed piece of artwork that I loved at a different store. I wasn't sure if I should buy it but then I got the idea to have people sign the glass with a metallic permenant marker,since the artwork itself is pretty light and abstract.

    I may keep both. At the wedding I attended last weekend they had both and I just signed the small book, since I'm not super close with the couple and figured I'd save the space on the artwork for family and close friends.

  • Seeing birthdays on my mom's calendar each month was one of those small joys I loved as a child. I've been planning on using a calendar as a guestbook. The idea is for guests to write their names on their birthdays. I'll probably create it on Shutterfly with engagement pictures. Gives us a cute calendar for our first year of marriage and a great way for us to not miss our family and friend's birthdays WITHOUT the use of Facebook!
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