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My fiance and I are from IL and have determined that we want to take a cruise for the honeymoon. So, because we don't want to deal with the family drama when planning a full out wedding, we have decided to do a beach wedding in south FL before we take our cruise. I am having a really hard time finding a legitimate company to help us with this. I stumbled upon a few different places, one being Wedding Bells and Seashells out of Jupiter, FL. However, I can find NO reviews for them anywhere and was wondering if anyone had worked with them and if they would recommend.

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  • I should also mention that we do not want a full out ceremony. Just us and our immediate families. We will have a reception back at IL eventually...
  • I don't know about companies, but I always recommend a restaurant in Fort Lauderdale, Bimini Boatyard, which does an absolutely beautiful party from 15-80 guests, and you can have a really special ceremony, either in one of their private rooms or on their outside dock.  This puts you about a 15 minute cab ride from Port Everglades.  You won't be on the beach, but then again, you do have a great "plan B" for our unpredictable weather, with indoor and outdoor options.  The catering director is Patti, and she is wonderful.  She can probably hook you up with a local florist/photographer, etc.  If not, re-post or send me a direct message and I can get you some referrals in the area. Also, there are 3 very NICE but reasonable hotels right across the street.
  • I'm also looking into wedding bells and seashells for my destination wedding but was unable to find any reviews as well. Did you have any luck finding any recommendations?
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