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Could someone please explain??

Could someone please explain the history of the matching bridesmaids dresses to me?? Who were the original bridesmaids who wore not only dresses that were selected for them by the bride, but also ones that matched the other "honored" guests? Were the BM originally the single ladies of the town and the bride dressed them alike so the guys would know they were available? It just seems funny to me that this is the one "accepted" rule of brides and BM. I've seen on these boards that "The only thing a BM is expected to do is show up and wear the dress you choose for her". Why? Why is it acceptable that I get to choose my friends clothes for this event. But it is also considered rude for brides to ask the "regular" guests at her wedding to dress in any certain fashion. Such as requesting "Formal attire or Black Tie optional".

I'm not saying this is a terrible thing or that anyone is wrong. Just wondering why this tradition has lasted when so many other traditions have been put to rest. 
Just for background info, I'm asking for a certain color/fabric of dress for my BM. They can choose style and length.

Re: Could someone please explain??

  • It used to be slightly different when the tradition started. The BM didn't just dress like each other, they dressed like the bride. This was to confuse demons who would want to steal the bride for themselves.
  • @Teddy917, that's what I was taught too.

  • BMs used to dress like the bride to confuse demons or, in some cultures, to prevent would be marauders from kidnapping the bride for ransom or marrying her themselves for her dowry. Eventually it became a thing only noble or royal ladies did, and her attendents were actually her every day attendents/ ladies in waiting. It wasn't uncommon for ladies in waiting to have standards of dress anyway to identify themselves as such, so they'd likely dress alike for weddings too. It evolved into a woman's closest friends, who didn't necessarily have to dress alike, because new dresses to be worn once were outrageous, but I think it became a thing in the 20th century to have a specific bridesmaid dress.
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