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Engagement Photos. When?

Just engaged (12/18/13) - - - When do we do engagement photos?  Do we wait until the weather is nicer, or is waiting that long too far off? (We live in Upstate NY so weather is horrible!)

Thanks :)

Re: Engagement Photos. When?

  • You can do them when you want but I wouldn't wait more than 4 months or so to get them done. That's just me though.
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    I think you can get them whenever you want. I got engaged in September and I'm not a huge fan of fall and detest winter, so we are waiting for the spring for ours. Also as a side note, I'm packing some extra pounds so I want to make sure they are gone when I take my pics lol. BTW, we live in NYC so yea, I know the weather sucks, especially upstate! I went to school up there - brutal winters. And -  congrats on your engagement!


  • Congrats on your engagement!  You can really take engagement pictures whenever you want.  I think it depends on how long your engagement is and if you plan to use the pictures for STDs, your website, etc.

    Personally we got engaged in December 2011 and took our picture May 2012.  We used our pictures for our STDs, website, and table numbers, but we also didn't get married until August 2013 so we had time to wait for nicer weather.

  • Like others said, you can do them when you want. But I'd wat till you've nailed down the photographer for your wedding and have that person do them. It's a great way to figure out how they work and how you'll look in their pictures. And then you can give some feedback on which things you liked best (for example, we said "fewer kissy pictures, more goofy pictures") so you're all set on your wedding day.
  • I got engaged a year ago and am not doing the engagement shoot until early spring (our wedding is end of may!).      By the time we selected our photographer it was already getting into cooler months and we just didn't have time then.   I prefer to now wait until it warms back up. 

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    We got engaged in mid-August, and ended up having my friend (and maid of honor) take pictures for us in October. While our family knew that the pictures were being taken (we were visiting my family at the time), we kept the pictures to ourselves and gave them to our families this year for Christmas. Knowing in advance that I would find it difficult not to show off the pictures, my mother took a couple of very casual ones that same weekend and we were also fortunate enough to have several photographs and a video from the proposal. With our wedding still over a year away, I think there is a likely chance that we may do another engagement session, possibly with our wedding photographer.

  • benaisy3 said:
    Just engaged (12/18/13) - - - When do we do engagement photos?  Do we wait until the weather is nicer, or is waiting that long too far off? (We live in Upstate NY so weather is horrible!)

    Thanks :)
    Do them whenever you want, whatever feels right. DH and I were engaged in the summer, but did our E photos in the Fall. We wanted the Fall because we love that season and it represented a year left until the big day. We also had a friend do them since we just plugged in the SD card, grabbed our photos and I photoshopped them, set them up in Vistaprint and sent them out. 
  • I was wondering the same thing. I became engaged on Christmas day and I do not like the freezing cold weather so right now isn't the ideal time to do an engagement shoot for me but I also don't want to wait too long. We were thinking about waiting for the warmer weather and then using the photos as our save the date.
  • I think it really depends on your time length before your wedding. If you are having a shorter engagement and are having them professionally done it is best to do them asap as it takes a bit for  the photog. to get the pictures edited, etc. However, TK has a timeline that is custom for your wedding day and will give you a time that you should get them done. It does come in handy.

    Also, one more thing I might add is if you are planning on using them in your STD's you might get them sooner as you send those out a little before your formal invites. Hope this helps!
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