Looking for an outdoor shower venue in CT

My family always resorts to our usual venue, Savin Rock Conference Center in West Haven, CT for wedding and baby showers. It is definitely  in our price range but I would like to know if there are venues that aren't too expensive in CT that have more of an outdoor/ rustic/ woodsie feel to them. The conference center is right on the beach and very convenient but we aren't beach people. I would love a place we can rent even a garden or picnic area without being swamped with renting absolutely everything to make the shower happen.  Anyone know of a place?

Re: Looking for an outdoor shower venue in CT

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    I dont know how much it costs, but a friend had her shower at Boothe Memorial Park in stratford. It has a beautiful rose garden on the grounds, and there is a dining hall type of room in one of the buildings you can rent for events! Thats the first place that comes to mind, but I'll keep thinking.
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    thank you!

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