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Did everyone survive?

I had a present and 3 stocking stuffers never make it and a gift card still in the wind.  Nobody knew and all was lovely though.  We spent Christmas eve with my family.  The kids had a ball even if 2/3 are petrified of Santa.

Yesterday morning we woke and opened too many gifts, ate cinnamon rolls, and spent the day playing.  Today we grocery and play.  Tomorrow I need to get my butt in gear for Max's party.

Re: Did everyone survive?

  • I'm also pretty sure BIL and SIL are telling a lie or two about some silly stuff.  I'm sure I could find out, but I kind of want to believe they are telling the truth.
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    We survived -- it was actually a very neutral day, which is the best Christmas ever for me, as most of mine have been nightmarish ordeals. I think it helped that we didn't have certain members of the family together in one place.

    We had a lot of fun at my in-laws -- we brought the dogs with us and they loved getting spoiled by their grandparents (husband's mom kept sneaking them cookies!!). It was just a nice, relaxing day and we got a lot of cool stuff.

    Of course, the question is whether I'll survive today's clinic schedule.

  • We survived.  We all got good stuff and the kids were so much fun.  They love everything.

    We had xmas with my family over the weekend, had our xmas yesterday morning, and went to the ILs' house yesterday afternoon.  We still have 2 to go on Jan 4th.

    Today my goal is to get the gifts into appropriate rooms and I want to try out my new shark steamer.  I need this place to finally be in order.

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    Yeah, husband announced last night that this weekend, we're doing a deep clean of the house. We seem to do this every year the weekend before New Year's, so it might actually legitimately happen unlike all of the other times recently that we've gone 'oh, we're gonna deep clean this weekend!' then spend the weekend watching MST3K and playing video games.

  • We did.  It was a lovely day with my parents of food, small gifts, and a game of Catan.  Then we pretty much just relaxed with a champagne cocktail and watched some television.

    Today is cleaning and an errand I need to run.  A friend has recently received her certification in Zumba, so I'm going to her demo class tonight.  Other than that, just more relaxing.  It feels weird to not be at work, but also really nice.
  • It was my favorite Christmas ever because of Oscar.   My mom and stepdad came over on Christmas Eve during the day and just kept bringing in Ikea totes full of gifts for the baby.  The entire back of the Tiguan was packed.  It was insanity.  We went to my dad's family that night and it was the nicest time I had had in a long time.  The baby also got a ton of gifts (tiny baby gap denim jacket- eek!)

    Christmas morning, my ILs came over- more presents for the baby.  FIL wanted to buy him a Jeep.  I'm glad he didn't considering he can't even sit up.  Then we went to brunch at FIL's family- more presents and lots of bacon.  Followed by Christmas dinner at MIL's giant family.  There were 7 kids under 9 and it was just a lot of fun.  No one fought and I could never find my baby.

    And I'm back at work for my second day after leave :'(

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  • Those Ikea bags are awesome.  We picked up a few when we were there in November, and I'm so glad we did.  They are so much tougher than a garbage bag or large plastic sack when it comes to packing an entire TRU into the car for the ride home.

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    My Christmas will actually be tonight, stayed in a hotel last night, and taking the bus to my parents place this afternoon, getting there this evening, in time for dinner ;) 6 hour bus ride, ugh!

  • Barely survived.  I've got a food hangover today.
    With my aunt in the hospital and my mom spending most of her time there, things were different at our Christmas Eve party.  But we still had a good time, the kids were (mostly) good and loved their gifts.  Santa usually comes to our house while we're at my mom's, so at about 8:30pm, we had to tell DD that we needed to go home.  Well, she was having such a good time playing with her cousins that she did not want to leave and threw a HUGE tantrum.  That put a damper on things.  She ended up going straight to bed when we got home, so no presents that night.  
    Fortunately, she woke up in a good mood, Santa came despite her poor behavior, and we opened some really great presents.  DH (who is typically gift-giving-deficient) has been doing a great job with Christmas gifts for the past few years.  DD must help more than I realize.  He even put stuff in my stocking!  
    No annual breakfast at my aunt's house this year, so that was depressing.  We just sat around the house and played with new toys, until it was time to go to lunch at my brother's house for my Dad's side of the family.  
    After that, we stopped in to visit my aunt and she was doing very well.  She's finally able to eat something other then ice chips (first time in 2 1/2 weeks) - it's just a liquid diet, but still...  I hope things keep moving in this good direction.
    And then we went home and crashed.
  • It has been miserable. DD screams for about 4-5 hours every day for various reasons and on Christmas Eve got into a crating jag that only subsided when I drove her around at midnight. Upon arriving home, she promptly woke up. Younger SIL got into a fight with DH on Christmas Day involving yelling obscenities in front of all of the kids. DS is home with me all week (while DH has to work) so I'm caring for 2 kids and getting about 2 hours of sleep a night. There's more but you know- it's just one year. Next year will be better and in 10 years we'll laugh at this all. Merry motherfucking Christmas.
  • Holiday Hangover is in full effect.  I stepped on the scale for shits & giggles, and wowza...don't care terribly.  In two weeks it'll be different, but it is interesting to watch the physiological changes when overeating, over drinking and general partying are indulged in.  *shrug*

    Since H worked both days it was kind of weird.  I took my parents out for lunch on 12/24 after working a few hours on a takeoff.  So that was super nice.  Then I cleaned a bit and vegged until H came home.  We made chili, watched a movie and opened gifts.  I got my kindle paperwhite...LOVEEE
    I did surprised H with one gift, which rarely happens.  He was happy, we enjoyed our quiet exchange.

    Yesterday was more Family crap...dinner at 4, H was working until then.  Nothing exciting.  As I get older, Christmas is less Christmas-y....strange.
  • Oface, I think a lot of it comes to the not having kids part.  I really enjoy watching all of my friends get excited about Xmas b/c of and through their kids.  And I get a kick out of going over to see my godsons and their excitement about Xmas.  But when it comes to my Christmas, I don't really care that much anymore.  This year, DH and I just went and picked out games that we could play together for us.  Beyond that, most of it just seems to be a bigger hassle than it's worth when it's just us enjoying (the tree, lights, decorations, etc.) it, but I enjoy seeing other's people's and enjoying it as a group.  .  

    However, observing this has led us to wonder if we shouldn't start a tradition of a Christmas party for friends.  Maybe then we'd have a tradition that was ours and that made us excited about the season.
  • Yes, exactly Varuna.  I've got the fever something fierce too.  It's kind of alarming.  I never thought it would happen to me.  *quiet gasp*
  • Ha!  I had it for a bit about...gosh, 4 years ago now, for a bit.  I don't think it's ever going to come back at this point.
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    V and O, BIL and SIL were actually talking about their lack of excitement for the season as childless adults.  They asked us if it really was exciting for us because we have kids.  (BIL and SIL do want to have kids, but are struggling and it's been frustrating).  Interesting that you guys bring it up as well. 

    For our part, they got a mixed reaction from us.  DH was, "Yeah, I love Christmas because we have kids!" and I was, "Yeah, because we have kids I make a big deal of Christmas and eventually get into it.  However, there are times I do not look forward to it and it seems like just another day."

    Our Christmas was just OK.  The kids had an excellent Christmas.  We got the kiddo an amp for his guitar and it's pretty badass.  It can shake some walls.  DefConn LOVES his 'bacuum.  The 'bacuum has been in timeout at least 3 times since Christmas.  It's probably going to be in timeout all day because he did some hercules shit this morning and heaved it over his head because he was mad at DH.  Ha.  He's going to be my bruiser.  He's such a rager...The kiddo is my sweetheart. 

    There was some kerfluffle with my parents that put a damper on things.  And FIL is really having some issues and he's being a dick to just about everyone.  He's pushing his kids away (especially SIL) and it's sad to see.  So...yeah.  SIL's and I called this the 'butthurt Christmas'.  :-/
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