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Hello! I am just starting the wedding planning process and trying to find a venue that fits our vision. We don't want a banquet hall/hotel/country club. We are looking for something "urban chic" (that's my best attempt at a description). We were thinking a loft/warehouse/industrial sort of look (maybe even mixed with a lounge sort of vibe?). Some of the locations that we've seen photos of that we've liked the look include the Foundry (in Long Island City), Dumbo Loft, Green Building, and Liberty Warehouse - all located in Brooklyn. 

We live in Inwood, in Manhattan, but many of our guests would be travelling from upstate NY, so we wanted to find a location north of the city if possible to make it easier for our guests. Plus we were hoping that we might find something more affordable as locations in the the city are astronomically priced! Also, we are looking to have a smaller wedding (I don't have an exact number yet but under 100 guests). I'm not sure if this type of venue exists outside of the city or if I'm just not researching correctly to find them. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you :)

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    I have never been to a wedding here, nor do i know anyone that has but based on pictures it may be what you are looking for.  I am not sure what their minimums are and I think it's a bit pricey, but probably not in comparison to Manhattan

  • I'm looking for a place like that too. Roundhouse is beautiful but it's expensive at $175 minimum a head.
  • @Danika, Where did you decide for a venue? I'm looking for the very same things..
  • I would love to know too!
  • @kaseylyn16 - we actually didn't end up going with a venue that has "the look" we wanted. We had a difficult time finding something that met our needs as we were dead set on a Saturday evening wedding and decided we were going to stay in the city. The places that had the look I wanted were either too expensive or the ones that weren't had minimums that we weren't going to meet -(I found this issue with minimums at places outside of the city as well though). We ended up choosing Moran's in Chelsea. While it's not the look I wanted, there were SO many positives -BEST food ever, the manager is fantastic, free parking for our guests (huge bonus in NYC considering a lot of guests are OOT) so decided to compromise. Sorry that answer probably wasn't very helpful - but I hope you find some place perfect :)
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