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  • @joannmiller we literally have 5 months girl you gone have to get on the ball.....I know just the thought that I have $6,000 left to pay off my wedding in 5 months tends to spark stress....Im so ready for it to be over and things be back to normal...
  • lol saw it was a 100 days late last night so im celebrating today lol
  • And my dress arrives today have you gotten yours yet
  • My dress actually came in way back in July. I may have gone shopping super early :/
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  • Also a June 7 girl here, just sent out invites today since a fair portion of my guests are coming in from out of town. Now it's real.
  • I am also June 7th! My dress arrived on Saturday, my first fitting is this week! Under the 2 month mark now! woohoo
  • Well originally I wanted June 14th because I've always wanted a Saturday evening June wedding but, much to my surprise, it was already booked at my venue a year and a half out! So I quickly took June 7th. :) My mother actually really appreciated it because her birthday is June 13th and she didn't feel like trying to celebrate her birthday the night before my wedding. So overall that's why I chose June 7th and I couldn't be happier. 39 more days, ladies!! Hope no one is going as crazy as I am!!
  • I dont think tomorrow can come fast enough for me to yell 30 DAYS LEFT!!!!!
  • June 7th was nothing special for us ... I picked it because I wanted a summer wedding :) My day coming soon I'm super excited !!!
  • 10 days, girls! Who is getting excited/stressed/etc? 
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    10 days, girls! Who is getting excited/stressed/etc? 

    That would be me, I am excited to get married and stressed about the wedding!  We're having our wedding outdoors so I'm watching the weather forecast like a hawk.
  • I am crazy stressed, but trying to relax lol. There is so much little stuff to do!
  • One week, ladies...I myself am stressing out even more than I realize I am. I have lots of little errands to run this weekend but overall I am very excited to have this all finished! I've been planning this wedding for a year and a half so I am just ready to stop planning and just concentrate on enjoying my day as I hope you all do too. :)
  • So, finally finished programs, escort cards and 90% of centerpieces. Have all the supplies for the candy buffet. Next step: prep a tableau for the reception venue and share with my aunt, who is checking that all is well. Also make a sign for the candy buffet with what is what. :) Just waiting for the rings to come in. Fiance had one job - buy rings. What does he do? Wait until 2 weeks out. My workmates suggested ring pops in case the real deal doesn't arrive on time.
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