Best games during wedding reception?

Ok, we've all been to some boring wedding receptions! Can you give me some suggestions for ways to make ours fun?? We have hired a DJ and we are putting together a play list. I'd like some games or activities for the dinner portion and maybe after.
I'll start us off:
-the DJ invites couples who are married to come to the dance floor and slow dance. He gradually eliminates couples (tells the couples who have been married for a year or less to sit down, then 5 years or less, then 10, Etc) until the longest married couple is left on the dance floor. Then a small prize is given (a bottle of wine or champagne...? Something edible??)

Any other ideas?

We have kids attending the reception also. Thanks!

Re: Best games during wedding reception?

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    Honestly, the best receptions I've been to have great DJs that don't resort to games to keep guests entertained. If he plays great music, the guests will be happy. Too many games feel contrived, but I think your idea of the anniversary dance is lovely.
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    Yes, I like the anniversary idea!

    This article has some great suggestions for table activities for guests. I especially love the question booklet idea and the mad libs!

    Some people don't like to dance so this can keep them I occupied.
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    Don't underestimate the value of conversation.   If you seat people with their family or friends, they should have a great time as long as you do a great job with food, drinks and music.
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    I think I would feel really strange being at a reception with games.  I've seen lawn games set up, and I've seen the anniversary dance (love both) but anything else... ehhhh.....
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    A thoughtful seating chart, a good DJ whom you can trust to also improvise and surprise you in addition to your playlist when the dance floor gets sparse, and plenty of whatever food and drink you are serving, is really all you need IMO. Those were the key features of the best weddings I've been to. I do like the anniversary dance though :)
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    We have an indoor/outdoor wedding planned. We are going to have a corn-hole game (wedding themed of course) and boccie ball... there will be kids at the wedding and we wanted them to have something do keep them occupied during cocktail hour while the adults are having adult beverages!! Who knows if they will keep playing as the night goes on... =)

    We don't have any during dinner games planned but we have a stations menu so people will be up and moving around anyway. 
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