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Riu Tropical Bay Negril-4 hour gap

Im Getting Married at the Riu Tropical Bay June 7th,2014 and I have been blessed with at 2:00pm ceremony.(riiiight)

 The reception starts at 6:30pm thats nearly a 4 hour gap. I don't want to spend to much trying to fill that gap. I'm afraid if I tell guests to meet us later for the reception some may not make it...I Saw where one bride took guests to a bar at the resort but I imagine that would tire out some out  and again they may not make it to dinner...Lol I don't know if i'm making more of this then it should be but I just want my day to be perfect....HELP ANY ADVICE OR SUGGESTIONS LADYS

Re: Riu Tropical Bay Negril-4 hour gap

  • Honestly, I would pick a different day/time.  That's a really long gap, especially when people are on vacation.  Plus, depending on where exactly your ceremony would be, it might be hella hot.  Is it an option to pick a different day to get a different time?  If you don't have everything locked down in a contract, I would be telling your resort coordinator that you need a later ceremony time or later reception start time or you'll go elsewhere. 
  • All the other times are gone.....And be that its a weekend wedding Alot of guests will be coming in Friday and leaving sunday So I see no way to reschedule that.....I have thought about every option to feel that huge void to even just having the party on beach before dinner. Doing all the dances, bouquet tossing, groom going for garter etc. and then follow with dinner.
  • @Carters0908 Have you decided on what you will do for your gap yet? I have been thinking about it too. My wedding will be at noon, not sure what time dinner will be yet. But I thought of reserving a catamaran and go cruise for a couple hours. It will be like a pre- reception party maybe. Either that or just party on the beach like you mentioned above.
  • @danielleandRyan2015 Im just going to let everyone choose what they wish to do...Being our wedding is on saturday most guest will be flying in from Friday-Sunday so I dont want to take up their entire saturday....We will be going to a bar in resort and will leave it up to guest to join us or meet in formal wear for Reception..How are you doing you first dance? are you doing a first Dance?
  • @Carters0908 I think that's a good idea. I don 't want to take up everyone's time either. I think we are going to do our pics then just hang out at the beach or bar like you said. That's a good idea just to let everyone know where we will be if they want to hang out, or if they just want to meet up later for the dinner. I think I will do that too! As far as dances I don't know. We are not renting the room after dinner for a reception, and we will be having an AHR back here. So not sure if we will do dances or not. Thought maybe just play our own music and do something simple either on the beach or lobby bar or something either after dinner or in between. How is your planning coming? I feel like I still have so much to think about!
  • Its coming along im 5 weeks out but im waiting on DH passport so thats a major headache........I figure after our I Do's and signing our license we just walk behind arch and do our first dance.....I haven't seen many brides do this but I think it will be perfect and romantic.......We are using a Jbl Charge to play music at ceremony cost of dj/band starts at $400 per hour....We are not renting either so thats the main reason first dance will be on beach within that hour for our ceremony.....What day is your wedding I will be sure to come back and do a review @danielleandRyan2015
  • @Carters0908 Wow that will be here before you know it!!! Our wedding is not until next year, but already in the planning process. I would LOVE to read a review from you when you get back, and if you have any tips or anything they would be greatly appreciated! I definitely think doing the dance like that will be nice! All your guests will be there and it will be nice for pictures right at the spot you were married! Aww you are making me consider doing this too! Yes I can't justify spending the xtra money at an all inclusive when we can do our own music and just gather somewhere.
  • @danielleandRyan2015 Thank you so much you have taken the doubt our of it all lol....I think now im just ready to get there ive been planning for a year now....and the stress is real lol
  • @Carters0908 I can only imagine! I have only been planning for a few months now and am already stressed! Also we are expecting our second baby here in June so I'm trying to focus a lot on wedding now since I know I will be preoccupied for awhile lol!
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