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Got my dress! :) Pics, But also need advice on my Boobs!!

so i got my dress, and i went to get it altered and fitted last night, however i noticed my boobies seem to literally swim inside of it!! Im having it taken in and put cups in but im a Bcup and im worried Ill look flat chested! I dont want to be trashy looking with my ladies hanging out but i do want a little something rather then all chest!!


any advice!?

Re: Got my dress! :) Pics, But also need advice on my Boobs!!

  • Don't worry too much. With the dress fitted and with cups, it'll fit the curves of your body and you'll look fabulous. :)
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    Cups will definitely help the ladies out. I'm part of the itty-bitty-titty-committee. My swim suits have cups in them, and they look makes them look fine. Cups for a dress will obviously have stronger material than a swim suit, so that will definitely help! 
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  • The cups will probably help. Did the seamstress say anything? I have tiny-AA boobs and worry about this same issue.

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    I don't have boob suggestions but I'd just like to say that that dress looks lovely on you.
  • I'm and A and the structure of my dress (similar to yours) was good enough, I didn't wear anything else. I wouldn't worry about it until you've had one fitting.

  • My dress is structured as well and had cups put in for my itty bitties and it looks awesome! Not too much (where it looks like all padding) and not so little (that it makes me look like a boy) lol. Best bra needed!
  • That's a beautiful dress!!!
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  • First let me begin by saying your dress is GORGEOUS!!!!!  also congrats!
    my dress too is structured at the top, and the ladies just dont seem to be rising to meet the occasion if you will lol  I mean they are there but anyhow  the attendant that i worked with actually said to me when I went to go pick up my dress that I probably couldnt wear a bra with my dress...  but that if I wanted a little more that would just sew in the cups, so I think thats what I am going to do. 

    Let me know how it works out, so I can make a final decision on what I am going to do.

  • Love that dress!!!!

    I'm a fellow member of the Tiny Ts club, please let us know what you decided and if it worked :)
  • dont have any advice but you look amazing in your dress

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