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New Jersey

Engagement photos

For those who took engagement photos, how long did it take for your photographer to get them back to you? This Sunday will be 7 weeks since we took ours and I'm wondering if this is a reasonable amount of time or if this is much longer than it should be. What is usually the average time frame for engagement photos?


Re: Engagement photos

  • Did your photographer give you an estimate?  Have you been in touch with them?  The fall can be a particularly busy time for weddings, so it may take them longer.  

    We got our photos back within 3 weeks, but that's only because I asked if we could have them in time to print some for my shower.  Our contract with our photographer says that we will get our wedding photos back within 4 weeks. 
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    We took our pictures on a Monday afternoon.  I had teaser shots by Tuesday afternoon.  Wednesday afternoon I received the link of our pics on Pictage.  Thursday (they told me I would get it on Friday) I got the CD of all of our edited images.
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  • 7 weeks seems really long! I think we waited three and she apologized for the wait time on that. Has your photographer given you an estimate? 
  • When did they promise photos by?  7 weeks is a very long time for engagement photos.  I had all of my wedding photos in less than 7 weeks!  I would reach out to them and ask for a delivery time.
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  • Where did everyone use for engagement photos. Which photographer and location
  • 7 weeks is crazy for engagement photos.  Our photographer said to expect them in about a week and we actually had them all in just a few days.  He has said we should get our WEDDING photos in only abuot 4 weeks.  So if it's been seven and you haven't heard, there may be a problem.


    @Veronica, Robert Wayne Photogaphy is our photographer and at his recommendation, we shot at the NJ Botanical Gardens.  It was a beautiful setting and we ended up with a broad variety of looks.  And Bob did a great job for us; we're excited to be working with him for our wedding.

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