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WFD - Help!!

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DH's Dad is coming over for dinner, along with his Brother and SIL.  I've got chicken, veggies, rice, etc, so we're good there, but she doesn't eat meat.  I think she'll do some fish, but DH and I don't eat seafood cos of allergies.  Any suggestions on easy low ingredient recipes that I could add on for her so she's not just eating veg and rice??  We don't have a lot on hand, since we're leaving for vacation tomorrow, but DH doesn't mind a quick run for a few ingredients.  She's preggo too, so nothing pregnant people can't eat please.  Thanks!!

ETA - I'm baking the chicken in the oven, so maybe something that could go in too??  She eats shrimp.  Any easy coat with sauce/spice and bake it shrimp recipes maybe??  Maybe I'll Google this too...

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