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Looking for a Venue in SF! Very tight budget...Help!!!

Hey all!

My fiancee and I are looking for a venue to have a friday or Sunday evening wedding. Our budget for EVERYTHING is $6,000 ... We can go a bit over, but it's not ideal...we will have about 100 guests. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!

Re: Looking for a Venue in SF! Very tight budget...Help!!!

  • If you can cut to 80, I highly recommend Bimini Boatyard on 17th Street in Fort Lauderdale.  You get a 3 course meal, 5 star food and waitstaff, and really do not have to go over $35.00 per person.  For a bit more, you can add on a cocktail hour, but it will be in the same room as the dinner, which really was not a problem for us, as it provided seating for all of our guests.  Across the street and 2 blocks west is a Publix with a floral manager who won't bring in anything that she would not put in her own home, and at great prices.  Dance floor space will be determined by the amount of space left after tables and seating, we used an IPhone with a docking station, nobody seemed to care.  
  • Thanks! We'll take a look at it. We want our wedding to have kind of like a park feeling, but we keep looking and finding nothing in our budget, so we are pretty much open to any suggestions :-)
  • Try Robbin's Lodge in Davie. They have a gorgeous gazbo for the ceremony and a brick house to have the reception. You'd have to bring in your own vendors, tho.


    You could try Long Key Nature Center, which is also really beautiful for outdoor weddings.


  • Thanks!! They both look really nice. I'll be calling to ask about the hours and such. Thanks!!
  • The hall at long key nature center is reallyt nice and you could get married and/ or have a cocktail hour outside, but you need to arrange for all the vendors.
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