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bridesmaid dresses and Jr. bridesmaid

OK, looking for some ideas. I have a very small wedding party consisting of only 2 bridesmaids, and my junior bridesmaid. The Jr. Bridesmaid is my soon to be step daughter(I am so excited she wants to be a part of this!). Now, its a fall wedding, so I was going to go with fall colors, but Jr. Wants an orange dress, which I am fine with, moh can't stand orange, and bridesmaid hasn't really put in any input. Now I know its go with what I want... but what I want is everyone to be happy and comfortable. Any suggestions as to how to handle this conundrum? With a larger wedding party I think the variation would look nice... with 3 I Dont know?

Thanks ladies!

Re: bridesmaid dresses and Jr. bridesmaid

  • look at dresses first and see what ones look good on both regular and jr bridesmaid and then from there with colors you may fall in love with  dress and it does not come in orange. maybe find a happy medium like a darker fall color that has some orange hues in it. i have 7 maids and we picked out a dress that looked good on my sister and my jr bridesmaid i wanted it in teal or aqua but the teal was to dark and no aqua color so we went with a seaglass blue
  • Orange is a fall color. You could go with gold and/or red for other colors of fall leaves. Or brown, for that matter. But can't she just be a bridesmaid without the 'junior?' I'm sure she'd prefer that, and she's not doing anything differently from the others, i.e. walking down the aisle in the wedding.
  • Just call her a bridesmaid. Jr probably makes her feel like a little kid and she's doing nothing different. Let her wear orange if she wants. Your other BMs would look nice in navy or bugundy with orange flowers. 

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    Let your too be stepdaughter wear orange. You can then have your other bridesmaids wear the same color dress or two different colors.

    I had a friend who had 4 Bms, and they each wore a different color (red, orange, brown and purple) it looked really pretty.

  • i think even with only 3, they would still look good with 3 different colors or styles.  I personally prefer variety instead of matching dresses.  I have only 3 girls in my wedding and are all wearing gray but whatever shade/style they want.  
  • I think it should be fine as long as the other wear fall colors. It will stand her out as a jr if she like the roll. If she doesnt just make her a regular bm and have them all wear a different fall color.
  • What about a red or a light pink for your other two bm's?
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  • ahhh Thank you soo much ladies!   future step daughter is in love with being a JR. Bridesmaid, so no problem there (at 10 she was just happy not to be the flower girl LoL) ! :-) 
    My concern was with only 3 ladies standing up there you dont think it would look odd having different colors?  I have seen some larger parties who change it up and it looks fabulous!  I just wasnt sure if it would look odd... But now that you mention it, perhaps a nice deep red, and a yellow may compliment the orange nicely!

    I love the idea of the other BM's having orange flowers!!  thanks MISSSUNSHINE17!

    Any other ideas?  Same dress different colors?
  • Same dress different colors - this is what I am doing. They are all wearing shades of purple. I think orange, red, & yellow sounds nice, or orange, brown, and navy... lots of combos! Or even orange and then the other two another color? here are some links:
  • Thank you majesty318
  • I know it was forever and a day ago that I posted this, but just updating... What I ended up doing was, ending up with another BM :-) (SIL soo happy!)  2 in truffle, 1 in Persimmon, and JR BM in Persimmon with a truffle sash, flower girl in white with persimmon sash.  What do you ladies think for accessories? and flowers? I need something to tie it together nicely!!!

    Let me know!
    Thanks ladies!
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