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Keys Wedding Venues and Resorts Suggestions Please

Hello! My fiance and I would like to get married on the beach, in the sand, in a private, secluded area in South Florida, preferably in the Keys. (Not a specific one.) any suggestions on venues, wedding planners, photographer, hotels?  And anything or where to avoid?  Thank you in advance!!!

Re: Keys Wedding Venues and Resorts Suggestions Please

  • I forgot to note, it will be just the two of us, so any size is fine! :-)
  • We live in central Florida and visit the keys frequently. I have scouted several Keys locations before settling on staying local. Here's what I found: There are several "packages" that you can buy that include everything. Usually the ceremony is at Smather's Beach. (KW) I like Ft Zachary Taylor. It seems very private and affordable We always stay at a beautiful B&B in Key West. I totally recommend it! It's a beautiful home, but the customer service is the best part. The concierge, Geri, is a sweetheart and a wedding planner. (She might even be an officiant?) Anyway, the home is very romantic. I'll give you more details if you're interested. There's always the boats! Many people opt for a private ceremony on a catamaran or sailboat charter at sunset, of course! Favorite restaurants in KW that would be a great place for a celebration include: Latitudes Seven Fish Kelly's Roof Top Inn Islescapes (private dinner cruise) Also, we recently stayed at the Postcard Inn in Islamorada. It was beautiful and secluded and can accommodate any size party. There's a great restaurant just 5 minutes from them called Lazy Days. That's all I have for now. Hope this helps. :-) P.S. Congratulations!
  • Sorry...just realized that none of my punctuation showed up! Blame it on the iPad...sorry my post was hard to read.
  • Thank you, this is so helpful!!! I would love more details or info on the B&B! And your punctuation showed up on my end.  :-)
  • We always stay at the Mermaid and Alligator. It's absolute perfection. The best room in the whole house is the Caribbean Queen. It can be kinda pricey depending on the season, but totally worth it. The staff is amazing, they have beautiful gardens everywhere...man I wanna go NOW! :-). Check them out in trip advisor... While I'm not an "expert," I know Key West pretty well. Please let me know if I can help answer any other questions for you.
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