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Hey ladies!!!  I bought my wedding dress today!  We spent all day yesterday looking at them, and I put money down on one today! I LOVE it!  It is not the style I expected myself to like or want. I use to sell wedding dress's so I knew it might happen, but I thought I knew for sure what I wanted! Has anyone else gotten theirs? Oh and I saved $1100 on my dress..... SCORE!!!!!!!!!

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    I'll be shopping for mine over the next two weeks.  I'm not too picky when it comes to dresses so I'm sure I'll find one easily :D  I'm just nervous about the price tag, as I'm paying for it myself... yikes!!

    BTW, YAY for finding your dress!!  Did you take any pictures???
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  • I'm also paying for mine, so saving that much is awesome!!!!!!  With my dress and veil I'm paying right around $750.  I wasn't picky either but I thought I knew the style I wanted, because I use to sell dress's and love the lace dress's.  But I didn't get that and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the one I picked out.  Let me see if I can get the pictures to load. Have fun looking for your dress!

  • http://magicbride.ro/maggie-sottero-prestyn


    Here is the dress..... I can't get my picture to load

  • @mrswerner2014

    Wow!  That dress is STUNNING!  I can't believe you only paid $750 for the dress AND veil.  

    I hope I can find something that reasonable...  That gives me a little hope, I'll need a dress on sale because the lace I'm going says they sell dresses from $800-$2000.  I head out Saturday, wish me luck!!  I just hope I find it on the first stop, I don't want to be going shop to shop.
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  • @brusinsbuzz  Ask the place if they give you any incentive for buying with them, cheaper bridesmaid dress's, tux rental, off on veil's?  Anything!  Ask if they have any discontinued dress's also.  It may only be a season out of date and you might be able to save a ton of money! And don't be afraid to walk away if they aren't willing to work with you!  I'm sure you will find the dress! Have fun and don't stress out to much! Enjoy the day and have FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck! 


    Thank you for the compliment on my dress, I can't get over my dress!

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    I'm going next week! Super excited!
  • @brusinsbuzz how did dress shopping go!!!?!?!?!
  • It went well!  I have to admit, I spent way more than I wanted.  I wanted to spend like $800 but that dress was extremely plain :(  But I ended up loving the first dress I tried on (my choice!) and had a great time.  It's only once, I suppose I can not be cheap for ONCE hehe :D

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  • @hlvonb

    Thanks! It was way too big for me, so my boobs look funny :P  But it was flattering on :)
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  • Both are beautiful!  I also have my dress, I was fortunate enough to win my wedding dress of choice at a wedding show in November and was able to go in the day after to pick it out the next day.  I love it!  Sadly I can't find any pictures online so I have to wait for a fitting to be able to see it again :(
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