Best place to be married in Hawaii

We are Canadian looking to get married in April. Just wondering the best place to get married in Hawaii (on or off resort)? Is it even possible with only four months?

Re: Best place to be married in Hawaii

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    I just got married on Oahu less than 2 weeks ago :) I used Maui'd Forever and they were awesome! Here is their website they have a bunch of packages you should send them an email or give them a call and see if they might work for what you want. They also have a lot of destinations in Hawaii that you can choose from or you can pick your own place like I did and they will work with that too! www.mauidforever.com

    I am Canadian too haha. I did not choose on resort because it tends to be a lot more expensive...but my wedding was extremely small so if you are looking for something bigger then it might work for you to use the resort...I still think it would be cheaper to do it away from the resort though...
  • I have tentatively booked with Maui Me but I will send off an email to Maui'd Forever based on your review!

    Thanks :)

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    Mine was at the Outrigger Reef on the Beach in Waikiki.  Ours was a package, so if the date is available, should be doable in 4 months easy.  It was amazing too.  What island are you thinking of??

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