Gifts for Attendants, Parents of Bride and Groom?

Any suggestions for gifts? I'd like to do something for my matron of honor and our two groomsmen (small wedding party-only three attendants). Also three flower girls and our parents.

Married girls--when did you present the gifts to the wedding party and parents? Thanks!

Re: Gifts for Attendants, Parents of Bride and Groom?

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    We gave gifts at the RD. Shop for these people like it's their birthday.
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    I got each of my BMs a Coach wristlet, flip flops (wedding was in May), a bracelet, and a gift card to their favorite store. The GMs got an UnderArmour duffle bag, a key chain that opened up into several tools, and a gift card to the movies. We gave our parents a gift card to their favorite restaurant, and our moms also got a necklace. All of our gifts were given at the rehearsal dinner.
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    Thank you!  Good ideas that I might steal!
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    Thought I'd activate this post again to see if there are any other ideas or suggestions for gifts?
    Gifts for wedding party, parents of bride, parents of groom...

    Married and engaged girls, please comment!  Let's share some ideas!
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    For the bridesmaid they each got a necklace, candle, slippers, tank top, and monogrammed bag. The grooms men each got baskets of all different kinds of beer with a monogrammed beer glass. For the parents we gave them each an engraved photo frame to put our wedding photo in (we paid for our wedding) and my dad I got him a personalized handkerchief. 
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    For my bridesmaids I got them flip flops ( our wedding is 6-27-14), earrings, bracelets, and a bag with their name on it from 31. We haven't gotten the groomsman yet. For the flower girls we got them a cute little set containing pearl earrings, necklace, and bracelet from (very reasonable) a bear from build bear dressed like a flower a girl and a handkerchief personalized to be used as their wedding hanky when they get married.  
    I hope this helps

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    I cheated, I paid for 1/2 of their bridesmaid dresses instead of getting them gifts. They were very accepting and happy with this. I got the idea from my friend who did the same for myself and her other bridesmaids.

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