Something Old, New, Borrowed, Blue?

Married girls--what were your old, new, borrowed, and blue items?
Engaged girls--what are your plans?

I am going to ask to borrow a pair of earrings from my mother. For something blue, I've got a piece of fabric of my dads dress shirt sewn into my dress. It's blue. Not sure about the rest...

Re: Something Old, New, Borrowed, Blue?

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    Old-my late grandmother's diamond cocktail ring
    New-the dress, veil, shoes
    Borrowed - mom's pearl necklace
    Blue - underwear
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    Old: the diamond that's in my engagement ring. New: my dress. Borrowed: TBD. Blue: an aquamarine tennis bracelet that I own.

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    Old: jewelry my FI gave me for our first Valentines day
    New: Dress, head piece
    Borrow: My SIL's veil
    Blue: SHOES!!!! and a pocket made out of my dad's shirt inside the dress

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