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I need some advice I have a friend who I've known for about 10 years I guess and we were really close at one point I was even in her wedding back in 2010. Well over the past year and a half we have not been as close she had a baby in jan and I understand a baby takes up time. We had a mutual friend who I grew up with since elementary school, we had a falling out and are no longer friends, they have remained friends . I've reached out to her several times to try to catch up and she always tells me she is busy and can not hang out. She never contacts me I'm usually doing the contact. Each time I try to hang out with her or I give her my days off she says she is busy, though she seems to be hanging out with other friends from what she post on Facebook . She sent a group text for Christmas and I texted her back yesterday saying I got your texted I hope you had a merry Christmas and have a good new year and asked how she was doing . She said she is doing good and asked how the wedding was coming along . I said nicely and she asked me for my mailing address so she can send me an invite for her daughters birthday party. Which I was totally shocked by this. My fiancé thinks she is trying to still be friends and yes I agree somewhat but what about the past year what happen then? He thinks I should put her back on the guest, I had her on before then took her off a few months ago because I want only close family and friends and I feel we have drifted apart. I love her as a person and want to be friends though just can not get past this whole year of barely talking and trying to make attempts to hang out . Thoughts ?

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  • I agree with the Fiance' about putting her back on the list.. I mean ya she was an absentee friend but now she is trying to make more of an effort so I would try going to the party and she how you feel about the relationship then. if you feel like you can deal with her then I dont see the harm in putting her back on the list. 

    Daisypath - (PNE7)
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