Of course, a Rustic Venue Wanted in Northeast Ohio

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I know this is a reoccuring post, but i have no other options, but to reach out to the commmunity here. I feel like my fiance and I have exhausted evey outlet in searching for a rustic/barn/lodge/vineyard wedding venue for our fall wedding in 2014. We are searching for LARGE venues in Northeast Ohio and haven't had very much luck! We both have huge families, which is why we need a venue that holds at least 275-300 guests. Any and all suggestions are welcome! We have already tried with no success for the following venues: Brookside in Louisville, Hale Farm and Village, Happy Days Lodge, Hines Hills campus, Goodyear Barn in Brunswick, Springmist Farms, Skyview Lodge, Great Hall in CVNP, Crown Point Ecology Center, Heritage Barn in Stow and a few others. Please help!! Thank you!!

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