Love Me Two Times Bridal Shop

Any experiences with this place? It's in Taftville, CT. Formal dresses, bridal dresses, many accessories. Some are used, some are new.

I was dissapointed. I'd read great reviews about it, and I was hoping to get a rehearsal dress and maybe take a peek at wedding dresses. (I have a dress but I'm not sure it's the one!)

The women (Donna and ..Lydia? The seamstress) made me to feel as though I was very fat! At first I just let the comments roll off my back (sometimes people mean well but they say something that comes out wrong).
I'm on the bigger side (size 16) but I don't consider myself FAT. They made me to feel very big (even though they had plenty of size 16-22 dresses).
They kept insisting that I come out of the dressing room after I tried on each formal dress and then commenting loudly "oh, that's way too small. You need a bigger size." They would go find a supposedly better size, have me try it on, and again comment that I needed something "much bigger."

I got tired of this and decided to forget about finding a rehearsal dress at this place.
I suggested we look at a few wedding dresses. They tried to push me toward an offwhite dress, but I said I wanted white. Again they handed me a too small dress and again made me to feel big and ugly.

There were two women working and two of us customers. Somehow I kept being left alone to fend for myself. (Wedding dress shopping is sort of a two person experience, wouldn't you agree? One person to try on the dress and another to help you put it on?) I don't understand how we couldn't have each received equal attention.

Donna asked about seven times when the wedding was. I repeated our date each time. She asked how many people would be attending and I said around 100 or 120. She said "oh, then you really need to have a BEAUTIFUL dress. You have to look amazing." I'm not sure if I was interpreting that the wrong way, but brides are under so much stress these days. Why add to it? I want to look amazing no matter how many people are at the wedding.

It was a very disappointing experience and I left after about 30 or 40 minutes...empty handed of course.

Re: Love Me Two Times Bridal Shop

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    I just posted about Marie Antoinette in Derby--depending on where you are, they do other formalwear too so it might be worth checking out. Not only are they very attentive, but I was told multiple times how small I was, which was great to hear especially after eating so much Christmas chocolate :) That sucks they made you feel your size was too big to accommodate--no one should have that experience!
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    @kclindgren check out bridal bells in berlin i got my dress from there and i am a street size 22 she has plenty of plus size gowns in sizes 14-30 as well as regular size gowns its a small shop and the owner who is also the consultant will give you an amazing experience

    she carries designers such as mori lee, jasmine,  venus, and just started to carry some bonny.  lots and lots of dresses to try on i tried on over 15 gowns. she has white and ivory samples,  a selection of discontinued gowns you can purchase off the rack bridesmaids mob evening and formal wear . the dress i ended up purchasing i was not even going to try on but once i did that was it.

    we even picked out the maids dresses from there we ended up with a long gown from jasmines belosie line

    i almost took a drive to love me two times but that was if i did not find anything closer i also went to  a bridal consigment in glastonbury but the samples were older and none of them in my bridal size would fit right

    no salon should every make you feel fat or put you down they should be offering suggestions on styles and what looks good and not criticizing you saying you need a better dress. how rude.

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    I'm planning on checking out Bridal Bells, but Bliss Bridal in Cheshire is about to start carrying a line specifically designed for "bigger" girls, so I'm thinking about checking them out as well. I also am a size 14/16 and i know what you mean about constantly being shoved into dresses that are too small- SO frustrating! If i cant get he dress up over my hips or even remotely close to fitting my boobs, how am I supposed to know if the dress is a good one or not?! Sheesh!
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    I went to love me two times and found the staff unhelpful and the prices excessively high. I would never recommend it.
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    Glad I wasn't the only one!
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    I went to Bridal Bells in Berlin by myself (the first time with all of the girls and my mother was just too overwhelming!) and fell in love with a dress. I'll be buying it as soon as I have enough money for the down payment. The owner was really nice and lovely to work with. 
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    I would advise any CT bride to make the trip to nyc for dress shopping.  I went to RK bridal which had hundreds of dresses, and at least 100 samples that were size 16+ (many where 20, 22, etc).  They don't carry any crazy expensive dresses, all are moderately priced.  Many are under $1,000.  It would probably take you just as much time as running all over ct to boutiques with a fraction of the inventory.
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    @amson19 i got my gown from bridal bells and the dresses for my maids. i had the best experience ever with the owner. i must have tried over 15 gowns. the gown i purchased is mori lee style

    other places i went to were pushy or did not have what i wanted

    @sheslikesunburn i was tempted to go out of state for my dress but luckly i found bridal bells and she had a good selection of gowns
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    I went to Love Me Two Times and had no problems there, but didn't end up buying from there either.

    I found my dress at Mariella Creations in Rocky Hill.  I haven't been to either but I have heard good things about Bridal Bells and Bliss Bridal.
    My coworker had a fabulous experience at the Alfred Angelo store in Manchester.  She raved about them, so I went to look for bridesmaid dresses.  They seem to be the more pleasant alternative to DB.
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    @hyechica81 - Love that dress!! I'm actually going to take the straps from your dress and add them to mine :) here's my dress:
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    @amson i love your dress  and i love the straps on my dress i have to have them covered for my ceremony so i am having a jacket made up.
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    ok, I went to Alfred Angelo in Manchester, PHENOMENAL!!! I love Brittani (my bridal consultant there) shes amazing!! Also, the average woman in America is a size 14. ITS NOT FAT ITS AVERAGE!!! dont ever feel bad about that size. Geeze, even if you were a size 30, dont feel bad about it! Own it! Either way, no bridal shop should EVER make you feel like crap when you are trying on a dress and no bridal shop should EVER leave you by yourself to get ready and attend another bride (thats why i went to AA instead of DB, the lady at DB made my MOH dress me while she helped another bride.) and any shop that wont let you take pictures or give you the bridal dress numbers is fricken ridiculous. I have run into a few shops like that and thats, again, why i went to AA. They let you take as many pictures as you want, give you all the numbers and everything. I dunno, they (not just Brittani) made me feel like a princess and that I should have the perfect one. she didnt force anything on me, let me walk away with no pressure to come back and try it with a bigger group and get second opinions. I loved it there. Best of luck!!
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    I agree about love me two times - i was not impressed with their selection at all.  I'm on the smaller side, and they pretty much had nothing in my size.  I was browsing at some of the other sizes, thinking that if I found a nice dress at a good price I could afford to have it tailored down, but they kept yelling at me not to look in that section since the dresses wouldn't fit :(
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