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New Hampshire

Traveling Minister

Hello all!

I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for a traveling priest or minister.  It's really important to my fiance to have one if we can't get a church but every time I try to search for one... I get sex offender lists.  Any wonderful experiences with a priest that was willing to travel?  We are both confirmed but don't have a church we go to weekly.

Thanks <3
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Re: Traveling Minister

  • Are you referring to a Catholic priest?  Priests will only marry someone in a house of worship.  If you are looking for a minister, reverend, or priest other than Catholic, try contacting a house of worship of your religion of choice to find someone.

    Are you specifically looking for a religious leader?  Otherwise, try searching for Justice of the Peace or celebrant.  Justice of the Peace do not do specifically religious ceremonies usually.  Celebrants are not religious leaders of any sort, but have training in multiple religions and cultural traditions.  
  • @BlueBirdMB

    Thanks for the advice, I've passed it on to my fiance.  A JP comes with the ceremony site so I'm trying to convince him to just have special people read passages for our marriage.  We'll see... I've put it on him since it's important to him.
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