SEXY Lingerie??

I'm doing a boudoir photo session this weekend!   Only a few days for me to find some great lingerie.  Where is the best place with a nice selection?  (Connecticut locations or near CT border on RI side.)  Thanks!

Re: SEXY Lingerie??

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    i know a great place but its located in plainville central ct area not sure if you want to drive  that far   is her website but she has a lot more stuff in the store and she has all sizes
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    There's a great little shop in Milford. Not in the mall. More the center of town.

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    Thank you for the suggestions! @hyechica81 I looked at Irene's website..,looks fantastic! Have you purchased from there? Do you need an appointment?
    I am planning to go tomorrow (they are closed Mondays). Excited!
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    yes i purchased my strapless bra and my shapewear from her no appointment needed
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    So I went to Irene's in Plainville, CT.  Was not impressed with the selection.  The clothes seemed old, like they had been there for years. 
    If I found something I liked, often it would only be one or two sizes.  Very disappointing!

    I later went to TJ Maxx and found an AWESOME selection and great prices!  Who knew!?  They had a display for Valentine's with a ton of lingerie.  So I found 4 different outfits for less than 100 bucks.  I was there on Sat, Jan 4th.
    I assume Marshall's would have a similar display in Jan/Feb for Valentine's lingerie.
    The red teddy that I got really looked amazing in the photos with my hair color (I'm brunette).

    Wanted to post this in case any future brides are considering doing a boudoir session and need lingerie.

    While I'm here I might as well add that I went to Posh Salon in Niantic for my hair and makeup the day of the shoot.  Brittany did an amazing job!!!  I was so pleased!  The professional hair and makeup made a BIG difference in the photos.  I also had a pedicure and manicure the day before the shoot and it looked great.
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