June 2014 Weddings

6 more months!

So, what have you ladies been up to?

We found FI's wedding band on the day after Christmas while out shopping. I'm so excited. It's so pretty, but more expensive than we were thinking, but it is 100% gold and life time re-sizable. I'm currently sitting here at work printing out our invites, RSVPs, and our RSVP's envelopes. I can't wait for it to be June!

We also figured out our centerpieces last night. We're going to get LED submerge lights, teal and purple water beads, and rubber duckies. The rubber duckies are going to be a symbol of us. There's beach ones, luau ones, wedding ones (will be on top of vase floating), German (my degree), historical ones (his degree), lovey ones (vday ones we're going to use), penguins (our fav hockey team), and hockey players. Ha. It will be insane but look cute (I hope!) It'll be one vase, wedding duck on top and then 4 ducks around the vase. If we end up with more ducks than needed due to people RSVPing no, we'll just add more to the other tables. I'm totally geeking. This is the first idea that has stuck with both my fiance and I. I ordered 36 vases last night which would be enough if everyone came, and if we end up with 80 or so nos, I have vases for our flowers at the head table. No biggy.

Hope everyone's plans are coming along as well as mine.
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