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Is having this many people give me away a bit excessive?

There's a 90% chance my dad wont be at the wedding due to personal reasons. I have decided to walk down ALONE, and then have my mom give me away at the end of the walk.However I also have 6 brothers I'm very close with and I wanted one of them to give me away but Since i didnt want to pick one i thought about having all 6 at the end waiting to give me off with my mom. 

Do you think that is a bit much? or could there be a sweet elegant simple way to do it? 

Re: Is having this many people give me away a bit excessive?

  • The pastor marrying us gave us an option of having immediate family on both my side and FI's side (since it's not just about me, the bride) remain standing at the beginning of the ceremony and saying something like, "Do you give this couple your love, blessing, and support?" and our families respond "We do." Is something like that an option? I liked this option so much better than being handed over. You also don't have to be "given away" at all.

  • Your mom could say, when asked who giveth you, "Our family does" or something like that.

    The one thing I'd avoid is having too many people walk you down the aisle, so I think that your plan is fine.  If you kept being handed off from escort to escort, that could be too much.
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