Liquor for Favors?

My fiance is a bar manager and loves creating new cocktails.   His idea for favors was to make some signature cocktails and bottle them for each individual guest.  The idea is to make two different types of drinks. Is this something people would like to receive?  Would an "airplane" size bottle be okay if each guest got two (one of each cocktail) or should we go with a bigger size?  We will be having an open bar at the wedding so this will not be the only alcohol provided, but actually a gift for our guests.  Thank you for any advice!

Re: Liquor for Favors?

  • Are these going to actully have alcohol in them or is it just the mix and they add their own alcohol?
  • I like it. Will you have a lot of guests flying in? They might not be able to take them.
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  • I'd love it.

    Is this a case of you guys making a like, master blend (booze included) and pouring it into the little bottles? or just the mixers and the guests add their own booze at home? If it's booze included, enough for 1 cocktail should be enough (though more would be appreciated!) if it's just the mixer, I'd go a bit bigger so people can have the drink more then once.


  • I think alcohol is always a great favor! We are doing bottles of wine as our favors.
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    My son and his wife made limoncello as favors.  They were very well received.  For the few young adults under the age of 21, they filled a few of the bottles with lemonade.

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  • I considered doing liquor as a wedding favor as well, however keep second-guessing it because they are already getting 5 hours of an open bar, I kept thinking, is it overkill?

    Similarly I've considered cookies or something as a favor, but they are already getting wedding cake ....

    Maybe I just over-think it! lol
  • If you can fit the liquor in airplane sized bottles and your guests can fly with them (assuming any are flying), that sounds great.
  • I've heard from a lifelong (50+ years) bartender that drinks should never be mixed more than an hour before you're supposed to drink them...is he planning on making them and bottling them ready-to-drink, or giving people the ingredients to make them?? I would strongly recommend the latter. 
    FWIW, I used to work for General Motors' event planning agency, and one of Buick's most popular takeaways lately was little straws of artisan honey in a shaker with a recipe/instructions for making their choice of cocktail or mocktail out of it when they got home. You could do something along those lines and please drinkers and non-drinkers alike. (FI doesn't drink, so I'm more sensitive to the wants of non-drinkers than I used to be.)

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