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venue checklist-help,please!

natswildnatswild The F-f-f-rozen N-n-north (Northern Alberta) member
Fourth Anniversary 250 Love Its 500 Comments Name Dropper
someone did a really kickass checklist for checking out venues, and like a dope, i forgot to bookmark it, and now i can't find it. Starting to look at venues, and I'd love to have that list. Can anyone help?

Re: venue checklist-help,please!

  • Honestly, these are the general questions I ask of a venue:

    1. Do you have both a reception and ceremony area?
    2. How many does each room hold? (if using multiple spaces in one venue)
    3. Are there audio/visual hook ups? (I didn't really ask this one, my FFIL did)
    4. Do you have onsite catering or a list of preferred caterers?
    5. Do you allow outside caterers? Is there an extra charge for them?
    6. What times is the venue availble to us?
    7. What is the charge per seat cover? (if using them)
    8. Check out where ALL bathrooms are. I've seen gorgeous venues with 'high school' bathrooms. Ick.
    9. Does venue come with a day-of planner? (if you need one)
    10. How does set up/take down/clean up work? Some venues vary.
    11. If you're doing an outdoor/indoor wedding, where is the outdoor area? Are smokers allowed to go to that area?
    12. What is the bar arrangement? Will you have to purchase your own liquor or will you have to work with the venue/caterer?
    13. Will security come with the venue at an extra fee or will you have to hire your own?
    14. PARKING. For goodness sakes, ask about the parking situation. You don't want your guests walking across streets and under tunnels to get to the main event, unless you're having it in a busy downtown area. Sometimes that's un-avoidable.
    15. If the ceremony/recption is in one space, ask how the transition works.
    16. Does the venue come with bridal/grooms suites so you and your party can get ready?
    17. Check if the venue has good indoor photo worthy spots.

    That's all I can think of right now. I'm at work so I don't have my planning binder with me. If you PM me your email address I can send you my checklists I made up from various brides ideas.

     Just can't wait til July 11th, 2015!

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    1. What is the capacity of your room (plated dinner and dance floor or buffet and dance floor)?
    2. Do you have the necessary licenses and health permits? (alcohol)
    3. Are you insured?
    4. Do you provide tasting consultations/food tastings?
    5. Is there a fee for tastings?
    6. How many people can I bring with me to the tasting?
    7. Will other people (i.e. other clients) be at the food tasting?
    8. How far in advance of the wedding is the food tasting?
    9. What is the staff to guest ratio? (should be 1 for every 20 guests).
    10. What is the staff dress code (formal or causal)?
    11. Is there an extra charge for bartenders? If so, how much?
    12. Who is supplying the liquor, ice, water, etc.?
    13. Do you provide cake cutting/serving service? Is that part of the basic package? If not, what is the additional cost?
    14. Am I able to provide my own wedding cake? If yes, is there an extra charge?
    15. Is the champagne toasting service included or is that an extra charge? If it’s extra, how much is it?
    16. Should the final headcount include wedding professionals and staff?
    17. Are there special prices/different food options for feeding our wedding professionals and staff?
    18. Are there special prices/different food options for children?
    19. May our DJ and other professionals have access to your electrical outlets? Are there enough?
    20. When is the final headcount due? 
    21. What is the overtime charge?
    22. Is the set-up and clean up included in the final price? If not, what is the fee and/or what are we required to do?
    23. Do you provide linens, tables, chairs, china, glassware, silverware, napkins, serving accessories, chair covers etc.? If not, do you have any deals with suppliers? What colours?
    24. Do you have AV equipment? (i.e. a microphone for speeches)? Is this included in the cost? If not, how much will it cost?
    25. Are the above items included in the base price or are they extra? If they are extra, how much do they cost?
    26. Do you provide rentals or are they from another company?
    27. Is there adequate parking?
    28. Is there a charge for parking? If yes, how much?
    29. Is there a checkroom? Are staff provided for the room? Is so, what are the fees associated with that services if not included in the basic charge?
    30. Are there any additional charges not mentioned?
    31. Do you provide a written contact and guarantee?
    32. What is your refund/cancellation policy?
    33. What is you leftover policy?
    34. How many hours will have the room (start/end time)? What will the room set up be like?
    35. Does the deposit go towards the total bill or is it held for damages?
    36. What does the cost per person include?
    37. Do I need to have a minimum guest count or spend a minimum amount of money?
    38. Do you have a preferred vendors list? Can we bring in vendors not on this list?
    39. How many bartenders would you recommend for X amount of people?
    40. What is your decoration policy?
    41. Do you have deals with any local hotels for the out of town guests?
    42. When can the vendors access the room to begin set-up?
    43. What do you require the vendor/us to provide (i.e. tables, extension cords, etc.)?
    44. How many washrooms are onsite?
    45. What rentals do I need to provide? Do you sources it, or do we?
    46. Is there a place for the vendors and staff to eat?
    47. Are hors d’oeurvres passed around to the guests or on a stationary table?
    48. Who supplies your food/produce?
    49. Do you use fresh ingredients/produce, canned, frozen or a combination?
    50. What are the portion sizes like?
  • @natswild I think the thread you are refering to is titled "Calling all type A brides".
  • natswildnatswild The F-f-f-rozen N-n-north (Northern Alberta) member
    Fourth Anniversary 250 Love Its 500 Comments Name Dropper
    @rose0068, @ahyatt87, thank you very much!

  • NP @natswild. Good luck with the venue hunt :)
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