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Cheap bridesmaid dresses? Where to find them...

I am getting married in 74 days....and my bridesmaids do not yet have dresses do to numerous circumstances. Any suggestions on where we can get them for cheap? I'm thinking $40 at the absolute most. (obviously with that pricing, I'm not really looking at wedding type stores). Thanks in advance!

Re: Cheap bridesmaid dresses? Where to find them...

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    My girls got their dresses at Macy's for $60. We also saw the same style at Ross in a variety of colrs for $20, so if you have a Ross, Marshall's, TJ Maxx, etc, you might check there as well.
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  • There is a super cute store here in my town called Deb (they are in malls) and they always have adorable dresses! I don't know your age or wedding party ages, it is technically a juniors store but even my 32 year old sister likes their dresses. I also second Ross, they have cute dresses and I will be looking there, but it may be hard to find matching dresses. JC Penny used to have nice dresses, Not sure if they still do. And Kohls!

    Best of luck, hope that helps!
  • Not sure where you are but we have a Maurices and they have dresses around the $40-60 mark. I love their stuff! I second the Ross/Marshals/TJ Maxx because I love those places also! Deb is great but I don't have one near me now for my bridesmaids. Boooo!
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