Interracial Weddings

Looking for the middle ground...

Hello All! I am newly engaged and am looking for any advice that can be given. So I am African American and my fiance is Guatemalan. I speak Spanish but my family does not and his family speaks Spanish but not much English. I have already figured that I would have to have 2 sets of invitations ( 1 in English and the other in Spanish) and also have a bilingual ceremony and reception but my problem is that my FI family is very religious and they do not drink or dance to the point where my FI said that his family would leave early and highly upset if either were present. My family on the other hand party hard (lol) and as they are hearing that there wont be alcohol or dancing at my reception are starting to come to me and talk about how boring it will be. " How can you have a wedding without alcohol or dancing?' I personally do not have a preference to either, I have been to weddings that have it and ones that dont and I always have a good time. Any suggestions on how to ensure that everyone has a good time and no one leaves offended??
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