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house/estate rental that allows weddings on cape/islands

My fiance' and I are looking to get married on the cape Fall 2015. We want it to be an intimate wedding, close family and friends somewhere between 45-60 people tops. Does anyone know any vacation rentals either on the cape or the islands that you can rent for the week and host the wedding on site? We'd love to rent the house and stay with the bridal party before/after the event.

Re: house/estate rental that allows weddings on cape/islands

  • That's what we're doing.  The house we're renting is right on Lewis Bay in West Yarmouth and the owner has been awesome.  The house isn't the fanciest, but it's nice and the grounds are a good size. Here's the info:
  • My neighbor does weddings in Plymouth right on the beach. Not sure how long you can rent the house out for or other details but I know you can at least do the weekend and have the wedding right on the beach! It's a beautiful house with a private beach. It's called Center Hill Estates 

    I am actually looking for the same thing but am having trouble finding a location big enough to fit 150.  @aisdoyle how exactly did you find that place? What I mean is what websites did you look at and what did you search to find options? I'm having such a hard time! 
  • Thank you! Both are really helpful! I've been searching TONS  of rentals on VRBO/Home Away and have found some decent options. My only worry is they'll be out of our budget once we add in tent rentals, catering, tables, chairs etc. Alot of places have also told us that you need to rent porto potties as well. We have a 15K budget so for the week rental with everything included, it adds up really quick.
  • @amandaj424- I just looked at house rentals through vrbo and other similar can ask around to caterers and tent companies, too.  They will often know places.  I was only looking in West Yarmouth, so the hunt was a little easier because it was narrowed down.  We are having 150 too.  If you're looking in the mid-cape area I could PM you a few more options we found.  just let me know.

    @kelciegorman-yes, it add up really fast...all the rentals are not cheap, plus catering.  the only benefit is you save on alcohol because you can purchase it yourself, but in the end usually private houses and rentals can be more expensive in the long run.  If you can do it later in September you'd definitely get off-season rates, though.
  • I know people who had weddings at the Winslow Estate. I looked at it when we were exploring the house option....GREAT location. 

    I think you had to shut down early...maybe like 10PM. Not a huge concern if you have an earlier wedding but we wanted something a bit later. You can stay on site too. The owners were really nice when we looked at the house! Good Luck!
  • I'm looking for a similar thing. Center Hill was at the top of our list but the woman who works there told us it probably would cost more around $30,000 for everything which is over our budget. I'm not picky as to where it is, I just want to get married on the beach and have enough room for a larger reception (150-170) can you PM me the other places you have found? Thanks!
  • I was having the same dilemma. I found the Pelham house resort in dennisport. All in one beach ceremony tent reception. We booked for 9/19/15. I'm psyched about the place just having trouble finding a cheap caterer! Basically we need someone that can do like $30 pp because it really adds up with renting the tent and everything else for 200 ppl! Any suggestions welcome!!
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